It’s the ratio that matters

Being an artist often leads one to information that you didn’t expect to learn.

It gets strange feeding a curiosity for information that goes along with creating images, sometimes in a way that won’t even be noticed or questioned but I am nevertheless compelled to understand. I doubt the necessity of it sometimes, but I don’t stop myself from feeding the urge to know more.
The knowledge I gain can fuel interest in new work, new images. It can also lead to interesting conversations when I share it with others.

I never knew about barnacles. Just that they seem to exist innately.

how nice are they?

how nice are they? *


“Barnacles probably have the largest penis to body size ratio of the animal kingdom.[16]”
Someone had a job where they had to observe for this and prove it and write it down for science and all future humanity. Not some barnacle perv like me trolling the internet, someone with a real job had to find this out. I suspect they may have questioned their life choices, bringing them to that point, possibly in the way that I do several times a day. But maybe not, maybe that’s exactly where they always wanted to be. Maybe it gives them a sense of purpose, great and wonderful, the kind I’m always trying to grasp and never seeming to find. Because I’m too busy getting distracted by the tiny details of information before I remember to stop and apply it.

Or maybe I should just stop being so existential about all of this and take it at face value.  That a lot more people should be walking around with barnacle envy than we realize.

I’ve got my sketches anyway.

it's the ratio that matters

it’s the ratio that matters


*name blurred to protect identity.  Because I barely want to be associated with this.


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