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you know they're both thinking it

you know they’re both thinking it


Every year my father grabs these free calendars from his insurance company.  I’ve ended up with one this year, not that I don’t need a calendar so much as I never remember to buy them until the year is half over which seems pointless by then.   So they’re always Norman Rockwell illustrations which I just adored as a kid.  But then art school happened and you just can’t unsee them as illustrations after that.  Now of course, I don’t see this as a bad thing, I mean, they always were illustrations and I don’t believe he ever tried to pass them off as anything else.  My point being…?  I got this calendar for free and I like to caption the pictures because they’re just so darn wholesome otherwise. You’ll have to click on it to actually read it so hopefully I’ve been entertaining enough to make that somewhat worthwhile.



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