Happy As Can Bee



Just last week I stayed up late in the night to finish this bee motif…only to find it could have waited another week.  I’m terrible when it comes to time, I’m usually always too early or too late.  Story of my life, honestly.  Either way, I enjoy the way it turned out.

happy as can bee spoonflower design

happy as can bee spoonflower design

Which, if you like, can be voted for at spoonflower here: http://www.spoonflower.com/contests/299

print test

print test

And as usual, not satisfied to leave it at that, I made a lino carving of the bee and flower.  I was attempting to experiment with doing a background block of color, but of course since I cut out the bee and flower instead of leaving the background full size, it causes registration difficulties.  So it may stay monochromatic, or I may add some color to the bee or flower or maybe even do some kind of mixed media thing with it.  Either way, I do love me that bee.



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2 responses to “Happy As Can Bee

  1. You did a wonderful job. I like the final ground color you choose too.

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