Serious Sketchbook Happens

encouragement included

encouragement included

As I continue to explore the options of community and public art I happened to think of the idea of a community/shared sketchbook.  I have some wonderful friends at the local coffee shop that agreed to host the book and my hope is that people will use it to create and share images.  My fear is that it will become a trash heap of vulgarity…but I suppose even that would be a meaningful statement in its own way. What I really want is a retrospective of sketches from our community, and a kind of analog version of shared blog, if you think of it in the way that sketches are generally rather private and this will be public, just as blogs are kind of public diaries.

If this happens to work in this way I have another similar experiment I’d like to move on to that might be just as fun.

Encouraging words on the cover from Crass, and prettified by me.



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