Work In Progress

"Should I Be?"

“Should I Be?”

Work in progress: “should I be?”
I’ve debated sharing this work, it’s so personal. But what is being an artist other than sharing intensely personal things and hoping that someone understands, or relates, or enjoys.
I am not pregnant. I don’t know when or if I will ever be pregnant again. But what about being a woman or having a child leaves people entitled to ask the current or future status of my uterus? Or comment on the shape of my body? It’s happened often enough that while at first I found it funny, I now question why this is considered appropriate behavior?
I keep thinking that I’ve never felt much disadvantage being a woman. Limited by my gender isn’t something I felt applied to my life. But maybe I’m just aging into it.



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4 responses to “Work In Progress

  1. I really like it so far. I wish I could paint like that! Thanks for sharing. I hope to see the final painting.

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