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Time Wasted

I have a love/hate kind of thing with television.  It seems to be so passive that it’s difficult to recognize any value.  It’s loud and bright and most of it feels like a reminder of all the things you do not have and will never experience yourself.

But then it’s also a window to something more, things beyond and outside of yourself.  And for as many parts of it that make you reflect upon your lacking, there are others that remind you of a sameness, of shared feelings regardless of never having met.

It’s also easy to forget there is love and art that goes into many programs.  If you allow yourself to study what you’re seeing, you find deeper levels than what’s immediately obvious.  Not everything, obviously, but even those that lack a deeper sense of art can be an interesting reflection of the medium and of our society.

Sometimes I can’t stand to have it on.


Quote by Chris Trapper (from a song called Ocean View)

And other times, I keep it on as a reminder that life is happening.


“Warm Glow” 2015

And if anything, it is at least something I can make art about.


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