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Time Wasted

I have a love/hate kind of thing with television.  It seems to be so passive that it’s difficult to recognize any value.  It’s loud and bright and most of it feels like a reminder of all the things you do not have and will never experience yourself.

But then it’s also a window to something more, things beyond and outside of yourself.  And for as many parts of it that make you reflect upon your lacking, there are others that remind you of a sameness, of shared feelings regardless of never having met.

It’s also easy to forget there is love and art that goes into many programs.  If you allow yourself to study what you’re seeing, you find deeper levels than what’s immediately obvious.  Not everything, obviously, but even those that lack a deeper sense of art can be an interesting reflection of the medium and of our society.

Sometimes I can’t stand to have it on.


Quote by Chris Trapper (from a song called Ocean View)

And other times, I keep it on as a reminder that life is happening.


“Warm Glow” 2015

And if anything, it is at least something I can make art about.


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Not much snow around here this winter, which is just so sad.  Half the fun of winter is the experience of cold and snow.

In place of actual snow then, I decided to make some…



It was actually easier to make non-square looking snowflakes once I knew how to properly fold the paper.


Then it was just a matter of deciding how I wanted them to look.  Here’s what I came up with:



A multitude of mustaches…


Kissing squirrels

Squirrels having a moment…



and some typography.

This last one was a little trickier than the others, requiring an exacto to get all the little spaces in between.

I’ve decided to add the templates if you’d like to use them:


Have fun!

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An Art Anniversary

Thanks to facebook I’ve been told that three years ago today was when I went out and yarn bombed an apple tree. I didn’t have permission, and I didn’t want to run the chance of ruining the apples, so I took pictures and then took them down. I still have the apple sweaters I used for it, and I still want to sell them for charity. What I would really love to do is team up with an orchard and a non profit in need and make an event of it…something to work towards for next apple harvest I think!
eta:I also could not have done this at all without some wonderful knitters and crocheters who were willing to put their efforts toward this project! I still am in awe and totally humbled to have received such generous help.

don't they look cozy?

don’t they look cozy?

More pictures and info on this project here: Apple Tree Yarn Bomb

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new work

I had a quick deadline this month which turned into a great opportunity to explore a mixed media idea that I’ve been thinking about.

These weavings are all made directly on poplar blocks using various materials – wool yarn, roving, hemp twine, and even plastic.  I was hoping to achieve a kind of landscape look with these and then added the figures on top.

2015-07-14 14.49.04

Sand In Our Toes

2015-07-14 14.57.04

I Have A Plan

2015-07-15 14.49.14-1

Warner’s Wharf 71

2015-07-15 14.49.54-2

Construction 1

They’re each only 3.5″ x 6″.  The figures are drawn and painted onto shrinky dink material and added on after.  I have one larger one that I haven’t photographed yet.  I’ve been thinking of making some big work like this but I also enjoy the intimacy of these smaller ones.


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Trash Mandala

ready to begin

ready to begin

I’ve started yet another community art project.  This one is a mandala created out of colorful trash, all cut into hexagons and left for people to glue together.  It’s again at the amazing local coffee shop, where the regulars are generally open to making art projects.

two days of participation

two days of participation

Here’s the idea behind it:

Mandala (Sanskrit: मण्डल Maṇḍala, ‘circle’) is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the Universe. The basic form of most mandalas is a square with four gates containing a circle with a center point. Each gate is in the general shape of a T. Mandalas often exhibit radial balance.[1]

Why trash?

Consumption is inherent in living. The result being that while fulfilling our needs we create a nearly unavoidable byproduct – trash. This trash surrounds our lives, is necessary to our lives, and while tossed aside, can represent our lives lived. It is inevitable that trash will be created and will continue to exist beyond our lifespans. Our trash today will continue on past the lives of our children and their children, becoming a representative of ourselves – an immortality through what we discarded in order to live.

This idea is created literally through the mandala and the trash together – symbolically combining us with the universe.

I took a large piece of unstretched canvas – 5 feet square, and sketched a basic outline of a mandala.  I then used washes of color to indicate the areas where trash should be placed.  I also made a great origami lotus for the center using this tutorial:



There are many layers of meaning within the mandala, all the shapes and colors have a purpose.  My resources for these include:




And for reference here:

Colors in a Mandala


Direction: East

Element: Water

Emotion: Anger that can transform into reflecting all appearance in perfect symmetry.


Direction: South

Element: Earth

Emotion: Pride and ego that can transform into recognizing the humanity we all share.


Direction: West

Element: Fire

Emotion: Desire, lust, and greed that can transform into compassion


Direction: North

Element: Wind

Emotion: Jealousy that can be transformed into all-accomplishing action


Element: Space

Emotion: Ignorance that can transform into wisdom and intelligence[2]

in progress

in progress

Different Shapes in Mandalas

Dot: everything is one, symbol of the Unmanifested

Circle: wholeness, integrity, unity

Horizontal line: divides up from down, the earth and the sky. Maternal energy.

Vertical line: connection between worlds, energy. Divides right and left.

Cross: two lines meet and form a centre. Recognition.

Triangle with the vertex pointed upwards: aspiration, energies pointing upwards, in the direction of the spiritual sphere

Triangle with vertex pointed downwards: aspirations towards the earthly, material sphere

Hexagon, created from the above-mentioned triangles: unity spiritual and material aspirations

Square: our existence in the material world

Circle and square together: implementation of the spirit in the material[3]

So far it’s going well and looking lovely, I think!  I really can’t wait to see it finished!

two days of participation

two days of participation

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Work In Progress

"Should I Be?"

“Should I Be?”

Work in progress: “should I be?”
I’ve debated sharing this work, it’s so personal. But what is being an artist other than sharing intensely personal things and hoping that someone understands, or relates, or enjoys.
I am not pregnant. I don’t know when or if I will ever be pregnant again. But what about being a woman or having a child leaves people entitled to ask the current or future status of my uterus? Or comment on the shape of my body? It’s happened often enough that while at first I found it funny, I now question why this is considered appropriate behavior?
I keep thinking that I’ve never felt much disadvantage being a woman. Limited by my gender isn’t something I felt applied to my life. But maybe I’m just aging into it.


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Serious Sketchbook Happens

encouragement included

encouragement included

As I continue to explore the options of community and public art I happened to think of the idea of a community/shared sketchbook.  I have some wonderful friends at the local coffee shop that agreed to host the book and my hope is that people will use it to create and share images.  My fear is that it will become a trash heap of vulgarity…but I suppose even that would be a meaningful statement in its own way. What I really want is a retrospective of sketches from our community, and a kind of analog version of shared blog, if you think of it in the way that sketches are generally rather private and this will be public, just as blogs are kind of public diaries.

If this happens to work in this way I have another similar experiment I’d like to move on to that might be just as fun.

Encouraging words on the cover from Crass, and prettified by me.


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