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An Art Anniversary

Thanks to facebook I’ve been told that three years ago today was when I went out and yarn bombed an apple tree. I didn’t have permission, and I didn’t want to run the chance of ruining the apples, so I took pictures and then took them down. I still have the apple sweaters I used for it, and I still want to sell them for charity. What I would really love to do is team up with an orchard and a non profit in need and make an event of it…something to work towards for next apple harvest I think!
eta:I also could not have done this at all without some wonderful knitters and crocheters who were willing to put their efforts toward this project! I still am in awe and totally humbled to have received such generous help.

don't they look cozy?

don’t they look cozy?

More pictures and info on this project here: Apple Tree Yarn Bomb


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